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Control Gaging, Inc.            
Grinder Process Control Systems.
All "CGI" in-process gaging systems must pass factory repeatability testing to 0.000020".  Post-Process centerless systems display real time control charts. Unique proportional compensation software can identify and eliminate process variation to a level as small as .000030". An optional Compensation verification unit provides closed loop feedback. Gages can be set up in as little as 30 seconds. Now all gage heads, amplifiers, and actuators come with a 2 year warranty. Get your process under control!

Coherix      Laser Surface Imaging
When Microns Matter. Leader in Three Dimensional machine vision metrology. Markets innovative 3D surface measurement and defect detection products for precision parts. Robust systems provide 3D information pictures for diagnostic quality labs and manufacturing environments. We use patented multi-wavelength digital holographic technology which provides fast, micron accurate and high definition 3D images of planer surfaces. Coherix provides a wide range of hardware and software products serving the Automotive, Semiconductor, Alternative Energy, Food Processing and General Manufacturing Industries.

 by Schmitt Measurement Systems, Inc.
Non-Contact Laser Surface Roughness Gage. 
The Lasercheck Surface Roughness Measurement Gage uses high speed, rugged laser technology to measure Ra roughness of a variety of materials. Lasercheck has a complete line of accessories for 100% in-line fully automated inspection capability. Lasercheck has no fragile and expensive stylus tips to protect or ever replace. The Lasercheck system provides precision and repeatability equivalent to the highest quality laboratory grade surface contact stylus gage available. The system performs surface roughness measurements in a fraction of a second, over a range of 0.5 micro inches (0.012 microns) to 80 micro inches (2.00 microns) Ra roughness.No stylus tips or mechanical parts!

SBS Balancers by Schmitt Industries,Inc.  
A Permanent Solution To Grinding Wheel Imbalance.   Dynamic balance systems are production proven in hundreds of major manufacturing installations. Made to strict quality and measurement standards our systems are designed for quick and easy installation and will provide years of trouble free service. Fully automatic operation will eliminate static balancing, Improve part quality and maximize machine efficiency. Acoustic monitoring provides consistant gap elimination.    

DTS America, Inc.           

Automation, Robotics & Conveyor Specialists.  With complete 3-D CAD modeling and the use of both standard and custom extruded aluminum components DTS is able to provide efficient solutions to complicated conveyor problems in shorter time periods and at less cost. Automation systems are designed to your specifications and needs. DTS can incorporate pallet, belt, link or any other type desired. Chose your PLC and add options such as RF tracking or vision. Call Process Corporation to help develop your next generation  automation lines.  

G&T Machine Company

Designers & Builders of Precision Gages and Fixtures.  
For 30 years G&T Machine Company has provided their customers with a complete line of precision designed gages and fixtures—delivered when they need it. Using the latest computer design software and state of the art machinery means they deliver top quality products along with simple efficient solutions to your tooling requirements.

Albion Devices, Inc.     

Temperature Compensation Systems.  
Albion Devices allow you to be sure of your production tolerances at 68 degrees F. Their temperature compensation systems can be applied to your current gages or can be custom designed to your specific requirements. When applied to either In-Process or Post-Process gages Albion products will, in real time, eliminate a minimum of 92% of the size errors caused by the thermal differences between the part, the master, and gage fixture. Process Corporation is authorized to perform calibration and certification services on all Albion Temperature Compensating Systems.

Aeroel Laser Measurement Systems
from Freedom Technologies
The complete line of non contact optical Laser micrometers. The design of these optical micrometers is based on the latest developments in scanning laser technology, resulting in an optical micrometer which provides stable measurements to a very high degree of accuracy. These laser micrometers can measure round, and non round parts while in process. Our optical micrometers are grouped into major industrial categories. Within each category, appropriate application software, hardware, fixtures and accessories are available, making the product line complete for each specific application. As a result we offer the user a complete solution and not just a laser micrometer. The categories are; mechanical, extrusion, wire and cable, specialty (magnet) wire, and Intelligent (OEM) laser micrometers.
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